MON100 Vs Invesoc QQQ ETF - International exposure oppurchunites

Invesco QQQ - By Invesco.

MON100 is listed in NSE itself. It’s a good thing to get overseas exposure by these index trackers.
However there are some problems with MOAMC (Motilal oswaal) like tracking error and the current ETF price usually does not match with the NAV (in the past, idk abt now). Idk, may be they didn’t have proper market makers and APs in place.

So, I don’t really feel comfortable investing in this AMC. That’s what my intuition says. My personal thought btw.

As an alternate, How about the one from Invesco ?
Obviously it’s not listed here, you can buy it from US exchanges only.
So, this can be possible if we open a international acc with indian brokers who partnered with US brokers like upstox who has partnered with drive wealth and groww etc.

Now, Invesco is pretty decent in terms of both tracking error / expense ratio etc. Vanguard is a good choice as well.
So, instead of MON100 (buying from NSE), is this a good choice ? Not just this ETF, I’m commonly referring to all other global exposure ETFs that track dow jones/ S&P etc.

and Am I allowed to buy inverse ETFs from India ? (the one that benefits when market fall).
Also am I allowed to short a stock and hold it for a period of time from India ? (unlike here, where we have to square it off on the same day).

P.S - Assuming that I don’t have any problem with remittance charges/fund transfer related charges.

Kindly share your opinions. Thanks in advance.

Just I am curious, why are you preferring International ETF’s than International Index/FoF’s? if global exposure is your concern, why don’t you consider Franklin feeder US opportunities or any U.S index funds?

Can you elaborate your reply ? @Nathiarasan