Money Management for Intraday & Delivery

Hi Team,

I had Query on Money Management for the Equity account, I want to trade intraday as well as delivery but with specific amount only. Suppose i have Rs.50,000 in Equity account so Rs.40,000 will be only for delivery purpose & Rs.10,000 for my Intraday trading. The margin for intraday are based on Rs.10,000 can be acceptable.

I don't want to merge the amount for both as it will difficult for money management. Its some thing similar to Equity & commodity dashboard of Kite which can help to understand the current profile.

Can this will be possible?

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Hello Trader,

Your idea of automated margin allocation between delivery and intraday trades for money management is not available yet.

You can put a suggestion for this feature on the following post:

Hope this helps.

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