Money management question

i have one lakh of rupees to invest in stocks and my goal is to make five lakhs from one lakh in 1 year. can this is possible
can anyone please share their strategy and procedure.
kindly explain in detail, if possible.

Hmm… was just answering a similar question.

Can you make a 500% return in a year, yes you can.
Is there any special strategy that can help you get there - No! Even if someone did, why will they share it?

I can tell you with experience that stock markets is the toughest place in the world to make easy money. Having rupee targets is probably the worst strategy to have. These targets would meaning taking higher risks day in and day out, the more risks you take higher the chances of failure.

I think the small rule to making money when trading is to stay disciplined to a strategy, don’t over trade, keep trading capital which you are comfortable handling. Do all of this and then hope that luck hits you and you make 500% in one of the years.

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You can use this same trading logic explained below to convert 1 lac to 5 lacs. Do read.

thanks guys,
for sharing the information,
best regards
happy trading