Most interested

1.if I buy a Windows tab. How will the zerodha kite home window look like. Will it be similar to laptop ?market watch on left side and chat on the right side?.

2.Any difference between laptop kite and tablet kite??

3.Can I run pi using Windows tab??

Suggest me a tab. Satisfying these !!

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i don hav experience of tab kite but i guess…
if u r taking tab with windows operating system instead of (android or unix) then it will b same like kite version on pc.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I have used Pi and Kite on windows 10 tab … micromax laptab. there is no difference between regular windows and windows 10 in Pi and Kite.

But would not suggest micromax laptab. go for branded ones if possible.

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I have to say that i don’t have a tablet. I mainly work on my laptop. I don’t have the experience so i can’t help you in this cause. There are many other forum members that can help you. I hope that you will find the answers that you are looking for. What do you say guys? Help a friend out.