Most likely, Good times for metal stocks soon

We live in a world where someone’s crisis becomes someone’s opportunity.

That might be the case for metal stocks soon as many companies in Europe are either shutting down their plants or cutting down on their production massively due to massive energy prices.

the condition is such that with the current energy prices, it isn’t viable to produce stuff as costs have become way too high.

Only one risk though : these stocks may fall only if there’s a big recession which creates demand pressure and thereby bringing down the prices.

here’s some reading regarding this topic :


Metal stocks are doing fine for now. NUE seems to be doing well for example. Also Mittal seems to be on a recovery road slow one but it will recover.

There are still large contracts for a lot of projects that benefit these companies should be ok for a while

Metal day on Monday ? thinking to buy steel stks like Tata steel n jsw

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