Moving averages

In weekly chart I want to see 200 moving average. SO what period should I select in kite 40 or 200 as it is weekly chart. Please help

Select 200

40 emA and 200 ena on bajaj finance showing different result

It should…what’s the problem

I want to use it as support. What should i consider

Clear your funda first…Take for example 20 EMA on Closing price…20 EMA on A 5 min Timeframe applies on the last 20 ,Five minute candles, On a 15 min Timeframe it applies to the last 20, Fifteen minutes candles, in an hourly chart,it applies on last 20 ,One hour candles.
… … … RSI(14) on a 5min TF Infers to the RSI of last 14, Five minutes candles…And so on…


See which moving average has acted as support in the past…other than that there is no standard ema or sma that u can be used as support…check on the time frame that u intend to rade

Thanks for this clarification