Moving MFs from another brokerage account to Zerodha

I have invested in Regular mutual funds (including ELSS, and Debt funds) under different AMCs but not in Zerodha. Now I want to move everything to COIN and change it to direct plan. I know ELSS cannot be changed from Regular to Direct at this point.

Could anyone please let me know the procedure to move the Debt funds which is under a different brokerage account to Zerodha and also I want to change them to Direct.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @dhina_karan
you can visit this link.

The only process to convert a regular mutual fund to a direct mutual fund is to sell out the regular fund and buy a direct mutual fund.

  • If your units are in Demat form, then you can redeem the regular units with the other broker itself and reinvest the funds to buy direct mutual funds on Coin. Commission-free.

  • If you wish to continue holding the regular fund units but want to start buying all new units only in Direct mode, then you can use the other broker’s DIS slip and have the MF units transferred to Coin providing your Zerodha Demat details.

  • If your MF units are in non-Demat form, then you have to first dematerialize them using the MF Demat request form. Steps mentioned here. After units are added to Demat, you can redeem the regular units and reinvest into direct or continue holdings the regular and make new direct investments.

But how do I move the assets from different brokerage to Zerodha ? Including ELSS and Debt funds ?

Answered above.