MRF share price

Hi guys just check mrf is up by 3000 rupees .
Can anyone explain Why this stock is priced so much like 88000

3000Rs movement on a stock price of 88000 is 3.4%. There are stocks which move 10% in the market aswel. I understand 3000 is a big amount, but you need to always compare with the underlying stock price. You can use % to get this clarity.


Coming to why MRF is quoted so high?

Companies are at their own discretion to raise additional funds or perform any corporate actions. One of the corporate actions which MRF hasn’t done is Stock Split. When their stock price goes high, most companies perform stock splits to make it affordable for new investors. But in the case of MRF, They haven’t done it. Why haven’t they done it. may be because of maintaining voting rights, symbol of status, Low volatility, No regulations to make it compulsory etc.

Now, what’s a stock split and other corporate action means? You can check the below link.