Multi Chart Window


Can Zerodha have a multi chart window in the future where we can check multiple charts in a single window

Opening four charts in Zerodha simultaneously

The latest Version of KITE supports this feature for 4 chart viewing on the same screen:


I mean to say one window with multiple charts display, like the one being displayed by brokerage. Check the above image.


Like this?


thats what im looking for
how do i get multiple charts in one window


Go to Display

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thanks mate
youre awesome

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This is good feature I badly wanted. Thanks Zerodha.


there are more things to polish the multi chart setup though. We can’t setup a timeframe for all the charts at once. Also most of the time all my indicators are gone when i open the multi chart setup

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Mine too, all indicators are gone which makes it useless, any way out?


We are able to open four stock charts in the same web platform in Zerodha. My question is how to open Nifty50 and Banknifty also among the other stock charts in the same platform. Please help me to open the same.


Explained here


What should I do if I need to see more than 4 (says 15-20) charts on single screen/page?

TV allows 8 buy can’t save layouts so that’s gone, kite allows 4 hence won’t thelp.