Multi leg options square off

Hi all,
Is there any option in kite to square off all existing options positions in single click?

Exiting multiple open positions at the same time, that is squaring off multiple open positions at market price at the same time, will be available in the new web version of Kite.

What you need to note here is that multiple position square off will happen at market price. Market orders are permitted only for index options but they are blocked for stock options due to low liquidity. Hence, you will only be able to square off multiple index option positions at the same time. When it comes to stock options, you will still have to square it off one at a time.


Thank you for responding.Yes, I am trading in only index options with multi leg strategies .Great to hear that the feature is being released in the next kite release.

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Is this facility is available for equity also?

@chethanrai Yes, this feature will apply to equity intraday positions as well.

@sudheer_kumar This feature, planned to be released soon on the web platform, is already available on the mobile app. When you’re on the positions screen, you can enter the multi-exit screen by long-pressing on any of your positions and select multiple positions to exit. :slight_smile:

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Oh is it.I have never bothered to use kite on mobile and was never aware of the feature.Will check it out.Thanks @Matti

Is it available now, I tried and didnt worked ?