Multiple Demat Accounts!

I have Demat Account in Sharekhan & now in Zerodha.
Currently 0 Holding in Both.
I can see that now I have multiple account in CDSL & NSDL.
Is that ok to keep separate accounts in CDSL & NSDL for Zerodha & Sharekhan
or I have to merge it ie 1 account in CDSL for Zerodha & sharekhan, same for NSDL?

I think you can have as many demat accounts as you want with different providers.

Is your Demat account in Sharekhan with NSDL?

Yes, it’s okay to keep 2 separate Demat accounts but the question is why do you require 2 Demat accounts?

You cannot merge Demat accounts. But you can maintain all your holdings in one Demat account for a holistic portfolio view/capital gain statement.

In Sharekhan account I can see both Account Numbers CDSL & NSDL.

I am searching answer for it, I opened Sharekhan account long back, now in Nov-Dec 2017, I used it.
And understand that few features are good in Sharekhan & many in Zerodha, So I opened Account in Zerodha.

If I close Sharekhan Account, then will it affect CDSL account which opened by Zerodha?

Your Sharekhan Demat has to either be with CDSL or NSDL, it cannot be with both. You should find out exactly which account you have from them.

Closing your Sharekhan Demat will have no affect on your Zerodha Demat. Do you hold shares in your Sharekhan Demat that you wish to transfer to your Zerodha Demat?

No, I have 0 Shares in it.

Sir i have similar problem and have some stocks in share khan … which want to merge/shift to zerodha. And ultimately close down sharekhan …please help. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sameer,

You can transfer your shares from the Sharekhan’s Demat (CDSL or NSDL) to the Demat a/c with Zerodha. Sharekhan will charge some minimal fees but that shouldn’t be a problem. I advise calling them (or better WhatsApping via Live Chat) to understand how that would work. It’s very straight forward process.

Hope that helps…

Neha (

Opt for the closure of Sharekhan Demat and transfer of shares to your Zerodha Demat. You need to provide Sharekhan with a hardcopy of your Zerodha Demat CMR. No DIS charges will apply for closure cum transfer. You can write to ‘[email protected]’ for the CMR hardcopy. They’ll courier it to your registered address.