Multiple executed orders

Hello Folks, if I put one sell or buy order under market order option for multiple lots then how is the brokerage calculated. Is it on one parent order or executed order as I see some brokerage calculated on executed orders. Please clarify. Thanks.

Hi Kuldeep,

Like you say, the order you have placed may get filled in multiple trades, Zerodha charges you zero on equity delivery, 0.01%or RS.20 per executed order, based on the turnover of the order and not on the trades. For example:
You placed a buy order for 100 qty of Infy as market order when the last traded price was 1120 and the order was executed in 4 trades
Trade no. Price Quantity Turnover

  1.           1120.       20.        22400
  2.           1120.05.  30.       33601.50
  3.           1120.10   10.      11201.00
  4.           1120.15.  40.      44806.00

Total turnover= 112008.5

Brokerage will be ₹11.20


Can you give me an same example for fno, brokerage calculated when placing one market order but getting executed in multiple entries.

For normal MIS trades - for FnO or Equity - you will bw charged on per order basis - whatever the no of trades that get executed due to big size etc wont matter.
But in case of CO/BO, the 1st leg that you have initiated will be calculated normally as above. But CO/BO works in such a way that for each trade that get placed, separate SL and target orders are placed. So when either target or SL orders are executed you have to pay brokerage each time.
So if you put in buy MIS order of 10000 shares and it get executed in 5 trades and later you exit the position. You are chareg for 1 buy and 1 sell - total 2 orders only.
But in case of CO/BO - it will be 1 Buy but 5 sell - total 6 orders.

If i place a order of 1000 shares in MIS and if it gets executed in multiple trades the brokerage will be charges on the one order of 1000 shares or it will be charged on the multiple trades of that order ?


For MIS you will be charged for the executed order,not per trade.