Multiple folios were alotted for funds of the same AMC

@Bhuvan @faisr @Neelesh
I recently invested in two funds of UTI via Coin. Both of them have got different folio numbers. I have even confirmed this from CAS that they have different folio numbers.

I invested in the 2nd fund when the 1st fund investment was already processed and the 1st folio was already created. I did this just so to avoid creation of a 2nd folio while investing in the 2nd fund.

Still the 2nd folio got created. Why has this happened? Request you to get them consolidated into a single folio.

The folio number won’t really matter. Your investment with Zerodha (Coin) is in Demat mode. Folio numbers hold prominence when you directly invest through the AMC in a non-demat mode. Your demat account already has a demat account number.