Multiple Time frame based trend following strategy. Need help with codeing

Hi guys ,

I am currently using a 3 stratergies which uses the 1H , 4H and Daily charts to make swing trades , but It has been completely discretionary , I would like it to be mechanical and show me signals and also would like to backtest it too .

Before posting the strategies , I would like to know if a strategy based on multile time frames can be made in pi ?



multiple time frames on single condition is not possible to define with tradescript

Hey Algogeek ,
Is it possible to make a script and run it separately on the 1h,4h and daily chart and see for common signals , would that work ?

if you want to make custom coded as per your requirement you can use amibroker, timeframe function is their in afl library. and you can link amibroker with pi

Oh , would the data be taken from pi terminle ? As I did not have the 1h and 4 h data on amibroker .

for amibroker live data you have to subscribe from private data vendors

oh crap . my capital is not large enough to justify the expenditure on getting those data . I already have a threshold in mind , once my capital hits it , then buying data would be justified .
Anyways , Is it possible i share those 3 strategies and if you can help me code them , it would be awesome . i can run them separately on those 3 time frames and take the common signals .