Multiple Trading Accounts with Zeordha

Does Zerodha allow me to open Multiple Trading Accounts for the same person?
Name : Person
Bank: PersonalBank
Mobile: 91234 56789
Trading Account 1 : DVxxx1
Trading Account 2: DVxxx2
Trading A/c with Demat : DVxxx3


No, Only one trading account can be opened under one broker for an individual and this can be done with any number of brokers.

You can Open Multiple Trading account with different Broker & link same Demat Account.

There is one disadvantage with Multiple Trading Account, Need to keep track of multiple Trading accounts, Tax PL will be separate for each trading account.

it.s possible copy trading in zerodha???

how can use one persone multiple zerodha account???

Can I have multiple trading account with the same Mobile number on Zerodha?

Can I have multiple zerodha account on single Mobile number?

Explained here.