Multitimeframe analysis on streak

please can you add an additional timeframe section beside the entry criterions on streak. This would help a lot. @nithin @Streak @Harsha_Streak

Hi Aditya_Bhat

Yes, multi timeframe feature is being worked upon. It will take us few months to release this feature.


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@Streak how many?

Nov 2018

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@Streak can you guys also create a system wherein people can trade futures based on the cash market signals…

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Its already in the road map of upcoming releases.


looking forward to this feature please launch it soon, especially for bank nifty and nifty, because proper back testing results come only when algos are run on nifty indices as the premium keeps on changing for both nifty and bank nifty and same for the stocks.

Please launch it soon.

Work is in full swing, we appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

Hello streak, i want to know is multi time-frame feature available now? and how much time it will take?
my most trading strategy’s are depend on mltitimeframe analysis .


It under works, it will take some time to get released, we will send you an update once its done.


Does Successful trading has to be this sophisticated ?

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i just want to ask is there option of multitime frame in streak. if yes then how we can use it.

Multi timeframe is only available in scanner currently. It will be released for Create strategy page soon.

Please refer to following link for details on how to use this in the scanner:

how to use : Multitime frameP in scanner, & what is the difference btw Multitime frameP & Multitime frame

Hi @Vivek_Naren,
Mutlitime frameP, is an interim indicator, which on Monday will get changed to “Multitime Frame Completed” which will be available both in screener and strategy.
So coming to difference b/w Multitime Frame Completed and Multitime Frame
Multitime Frame Completed : Will be present in both Create Plus and Scanners. This only looks at completely formed candle(of same or larger timeframe), eg: if close crosses above multitime frame completed(supertrend,day), then it will compare currently candle’s close with the supertrend on a completely formed day candle (which will be yesterday’s day supertrend)


Multitime frame : Only present in scanners, and calculates value on larger time frame indicator values on partial candles.
So Multitime frame with offset of -1 = Multitime frame completed

Now, why is this necessary, while in scanners, it okay to just filter based on partial forming candles.
For strategies, its causes a bunch of logical fallacies.

  1. Partial candle MTF cannot be backtested as it is not possible to precisely predict partial indicator values to produce precise, and verifiable backtests
  2. Its can lead to look ahead biases
  3. Live alerts sent might not always be verifiable with charts and match backtest

Hope this provided you with clarification and also a peek into the depth of thinking gone into this.