Mutiple Entry to the Trade - Streak

Hello flocks

I want to enter in the trade at 9.30 and 10.30 and 11.30 via streak
when I do a backtest and paper trade it is only entering at 9.30 and not any more trades .

How to enter multiple times with the same strategy ?


@Streak can you.

Hi @Kommaravolu_Bharti,

What’s the entry criteria? only time or are there other factors to consider?

Also what about the exit? After you enter at 9:30, when will you exit?

i want to enter whenever super trend give buy signal and the high of the signal candle got broken i want to enter between 9.15 to 2.30 timeframe will be 5 min
SO basically i want to enter when the breakout of signal candle got broken as shown in image please help me with this

Hi @Taniyasingh,

Same rule is applicable here