Mutual Fund Portfolio - Better Representation

I have been using Coin since it was launched. I moved over to coin because it was the first platform to offer direct mutual fund (of course apart from direct AMC).

But now there are many players offering direct MF. And many of these players have lot more features on their platform. For example Paytm Money shows - Morningstar and Valueresearch rating for all funds.
Kuvera shows your portfolio overview very nicely - one can easily filter their investments based on categories like smallcap, largecap etc.

Will coin get these features? If not I think this will be a good time to move ahead to some other platform.

Let me answer the ratings part of the question. These ratings don’t add any value to your process of picking a fund. In fact I would even say they are pointless. A 5 star fund will maybe be 2 stars next year and you won’t even come to know. If you are really interested to know if these ratings are useful, check this deep dive by WSJ.

One of the platforms you are talking about had recommended this fund and has 4-5 star ratings. It lost nearly 3 months of return in a single day


I know, this sounds like cherry picking. But this is a Ultra Short Term fund, which is supposed to one of the safest short-term option in the mutual fund universe. Imagine, you had used this fund to park your money and you lose close to 3 months of return in a single day. You would have had to hold the fund for the same amount of duration to recover the loss.

To summarize there are lot of other effective ways to analyse funds, than rely on these ratings.

We’ll look into the possibilities of adding ratings down the line.

We’ve made this extremely simple of the Coin app. Just tap on “Explore” on the app.

Thanks for your insights.
But still coin misses a lot of those features like - filtering your portfolio based on category.

Showing the portfolio breakdown is something we intend to do down the line.