Mutual Fund Real Returns

This Question is for Everyone. However someone with 8-10 years of investing experience in Mutual Funds is the one I’m looking for an answer from:

  1. Consider your entire corpus in all your various MFs that you have invested into

  2. Don’t mix it up with other funds - say, what you’ve put in FD or have been trading (or have bought shares) with

  3. If I’m clear then my Question is this:

=> What has been your Gross returns from all your MFs over the years.
=>> I’m looking for a % figure because we keep reading some fund or the other having performed X% over Y years.

Please don’t share a figure unless you have earned it :relaxed::pray:

We don’t earn in MFs, our participation does not go beyond buying the funds, and we get the return given by the fund managers.

And here is somewhat pertaining answer to your question. Investors in the past always had a better return on an average compared to the current situation. I have read about people who got more than 20% return for more than 20 years, because they have started in mid 90s. Not possible anymore, that is not our market now.

Participation is increasing, but market is maturing and returns are coming down. Occasionally there could be a more shining star in the sky than the rest, but that could be because of reasons like getting into a sector much early than the others, taking on some risk, allocating more etc.

Information is secular these days, not a secret, and all funds houses have got the same kind of analysts from top business schools, use same tech, so perhaps they all look the same way at the data, and draw same kind of inferences from it. One differential is the philosophy of the fund manager, this will be unique. So unlike information, data or tech philosophy is not like a commodity, so this can bring some change.

Hope you got some answer.