Mutual Fund unit in Demat account

I invest in HDFC mutual fund last month through SIP. While the application filled, I enter my zerodha demat account number to hold MF unit in there.
But still as of now the units are not reflected, actually it shows on HDFC portal.
I contact both customer care but no one able to give me solution, because of that, current month SIP is not executed.
Can this new Coin MF, Solve my problem?
Kindly look into the matter.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello @abhijit1204

Check out the below post by Nithin. It should answer your queries.

Hello @BharatW
Thanks for your reply.
Today, I visited HDFC AMC. The representative said I have to give folio number to zerodha, so after that MF units will be reflected in demat account.
But after consulting with zerodha representative, she said I have to transfer MF to demat. I am little bit confuse, If I do so then SIP will be remain same, means debited from bank account or I have to put margin in my trading account to purchase SIP regularly.
Zerodha representative not able to clarify this?
Can you tell me about that.