Mutual Funds SIP

Hey guys,
I want invest in Nifty Fifty Index Fund for 25years from this month in SIP,
Suppose if i lose my JOB, i’ll not pay SIP for 2 or 3 months then again i’ll pay in same folio
is that possible,
if i discontinue the sip can i agian start.

pls help me

Yes mi amigo. You can start , Pause and Resume an SIP any time you want. NO pressure. There is option in coin app to pause your SIP. So invest when you can. And pause when you can’t. Then again resume when you can.
Visit this link for more info:,on%20the%20’Resume’%20option.

What is the meaning of insufficient fund 1/5 meaning

It means that you don’t have funds for those orders. 1/5 means it’s the first attempt out of 5 to placed the orders. Zerodha will try 5 times (1 per day)