Mutual fund's yearly returns

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Just one basic question, the yearly MF returns are calculated on the basis of calendar year or financial year?

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For one’s portfolio-> Calculate 1 year from date of first investment
For general returns-> 1 year from todays date



But Im asking, the MF returns like 1year, 3years, 5years are CAGRs, but the year taken to calculate those are the calendar year or financial year.

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I think the returns are calculated from the funds’ inception.

Also, there are a lot of websites that provide data for different periods like trailing returns, rolling returns and calendar returns.

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Let, say if we are looking at 1 year annualized return of a MF today (9/8/2021), it means it shows the 1 year’s annualized return of that fund.
So, is that 1 year which is taken in the calculations for calculating the annualized returns is (9/8/2021-9/8/2022) or the calendar year (1/1/2021-31/12/2022) or the financial year (1/4/2021-31/3/2022)?

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