My doubt on DHFL selling by DSP mutual fund

My main doubt on DHFL is this. When last year September when DSP mutual funds sold the bond papers ncd at higher yield it was understood to be due to liquidity ilfs etc.

But see now. Scams are coming to forefront. These mutual funds fii dii etc. would have got tips of this scam much earlier and that is why they sold in Sep 2018 itself. SEBI must enquire this

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What’s the question?

Inviting thoughts from others on early tip off to big guys

They had huge DHFL positions of which they only sold of inr 300 cr debt paper. If you know how MF invest this is very small amount. They had more papers of DHFL infact all MF would have it. So they getting tip off does not make sense.

Informational asymmetries are part of all markets. Retail investors always have this notion that the big bad guys are know everything and they are smart enough to avoid the pitfalls. That may not always be the case.

If DSP was smart enough, they could have sidestepped the IL&FS crisis, because by your own logic they knew everything. Why did they end up in a situation where they had to sell a paper at 11%+ yield?

ZEEL is another example where the smart guys are left holding the bag. Sometimes even the big institutions make the same dumb mistakes retails investors do.

Focus and worry about your investments and let the big guys worry about themselves.