My experience with Zerodha and a couple of suggestions

Hi. I am just completing my first year of trading, and if I did not have Zerodha, I would not be doing it. Over the year I have seen a lot changing in Zerodha, so I know it is a constant work in progress. Here are some points I feel would improve the experience:

1. Option Chain on Equity in Marketwatch. I know I can see an option chain from the three-dots (More) button, but it is only available on option scrips. For example if I want to check Reliance’s Option Chain, I cannot check it by clicking on the Equity Scrip of Reliance. I’d have to add an option CE or PE to my watch-list to do so. It works well but if the option chain is available on NSE:Reliance itself, it would further improve the experience.

2. User ID displayed on Kite Web Menu. Not related to trading, but the drop down menu on Kite Web displays the full User ID required to login to account. If it displayed the First Name instead, it would be better for privacy as well as security. Many users share live trading videos and screenshots on social media. I am not sure if it affects anyone though, just my suggestion.

This is just my experience on Zerodha that I wanted to share. Other than that I love the platform and I am thankful to everyone at Zerodha for making stock markets accessible to everyone. @nithin @siva

Yeah, this is on our list.

Using user id alone nothing can be done. It is okay.

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