My requirements on Kite

Hi Nithin,
Sorry if i am bothering you but as these things have caused me a bit of pain like mis-management of trades and some losses. That’s why i was looking for solution’s of these problems in coming future updates. Please Reply over these problems like what are your thoughts?
which are as follows,
1.) The charting in Pi is problematic as we open chart it scales up everything at standards for visibility . Due to this first i have to reduce chart indicator scales and then i can do technical analysis . It happens again when open another chart due to this chart looks smaller.
2.) Now the similar thing is happening in Kite like when we add fibonacci and other tools it draws it again in multiple time frame so screen gets dark and i can not see through it.
3.) Please Add limit order in cover order and an order with stoploss buying or selling with associated stoploss placement.
4.) Some other stuff like market Data and options greek values in kite and Pi both as i can not place 91day treasury bills rate, dividend yield, and other stuff.

This is the fibonacci drawing tool added on Kite charts. Could you please let us know where exactly it gets dark and doesn’t allow you to see through?

CO with limit entry and Stoploss Buy/Sell orders are on our list of things to do. There are certain complications here with the way our product types are already designed, so we’ll have to find an alternate way to implement these.

There will be more fields added to the Market Depth to provide more market information in the new version of Kite. Also, currently there is the Black & Scholes Option Pricing Formula which gives you Option Greeks values. We’re looking to build a new product around options trading only but this could take time. Will keep you posted.

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when i change from higher time to lower time frame frequently many times then fibonacci background becomes dark.

here is the pic of overlapping fibonacci

the two points showing it in picture.

You can keep common chart settings saved as a view.

Multiple views for multiple time periods will save some clicking. Then apply the required view when you want to switch to … hmmm… another view.

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Let me check it