My stop loss order is executed when charts show the price was never reached. How is this possible?

Is it an issue in kite candle construction?
Could a broker (like zerodha itself) or a market maker do this in purpose? ;I am guessing no, as the orders are matched in exchange but can someone confirm?

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@nithin when trading illiquid options many times I had experience that if suppose bid is 4 and ask is 8 and I place order at 7 then at same time another order comes at 6.95 and if I modify it to suppose 6 other order also comes at 5.95. And this happens instantly. Is it work of market makers or Algos?

There isn’t any concept of market makers in F&O, in India only ETFs have market makers.

These are most likely algo’s. If an option is mispriced, they’d automatically place bids/asks and then compete with other bids/asks until priced correctly.