My total turnover on intraday equity trade is Rs. 154. 85 and my stamp duty rate is 0. 002% yet why am I charged Rs. 1 as stamp duty

Today I made my first trade ever. I shorted 1 share of HDIL on NSE at 77.50 and squared off at 77.35. I expected my absolute profit to be around 10 paisa after deducting all the charges including stamp duty. However in my contract note I get the following charges-

Net Amt 0.15 Cr

Turnover Charges 0.01

Service Tax 0.00


Total Brokerage 0.02

Stamp Charges 1.00

Sebi Charges

Total Amount Due To Us 0.88 Dr

This unexpected stamp charge ate into all my profits (though they were measley but money is money). Can someone please explain the reason for this high stamp charge?

P.S. No amounts were printed in front of Sebi Charges and STT.

The Amounts next to STT and SEBI my guess was less than 0.01 and hence not printed. There is a minimum stamp duty of Rs 1 on every contract note, hence it shows up that.