My trading diary nov 2018


Will post nov trades here for studies
P-profit trade
L- lose trade
F- fail to enter


1 Nov
Got opportunity enter the position at 556.6 my 1-2 target was 562.6 my SL was 553.95

Trade took 45 min to complete


1 nov.2nd opportunity

Enter position got stopped out
Trade took 10 min or less


you dont need to take pain to hide your quantity


Good to know!


Got opportunity enter trade
Enter 563.1
SL 560.75
1-2 target 567.7

Trade took 10 min or less


Nov 5
Got opportunity could not enter the trade. Cancel order


Nov 6
Took two trade
Enter 581.4
SL 578.95-75
Stopped out

2nd trade
Enter 572.1
Stopped out



Nov 12
Trade 1
Buy 577.1
Stopped out at 574.05…took 5 minutes or less

2nd trade
Buy 577.7
Hit 1-2 target 583.9 …took around 30min

Third trade
Buy 583.6
Timeout 582.5 …took 35 minutes or less


I m holding delivery of jubilant food at price of 1320.
Margin is stuck


Nov 13
1st trade
Buy 587.55
Stopped out 585.7

2nd trade
Buy 588.85
Timeout at 589.2


Nov 15


Nov 16

F2,F3…fail to enter


hey dude im also updating my trades


You know you are spaming the community. These kind of information is not helpfull to fellow traders. You have not mention anyting about your trade set up, how you enter, exit, how you define stoploss or manage risk etc. Posting this kind of screenshots with no or minimum information is not helpful.

You can use power point or excel to keep track of trades for youself. No need to post here and spam the community.