My Trading Experiment


Wishing u all the very best…
Whatever be ur strategy stick to it…
Quality of trade is more important than quantity…
I am no expert… Just shared what I learned…

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Sorry if I sound discouraging to you, but dabbling in markets without having much knowledge is not recommended. Although you can have the benefit of doubt, as no one knows how ‘much’ knowledge is sufficient for safe surfing the markets.

Trading is risky and if you don’t have a proper strategy, you should avoid it. Rest is your call. All the best. :+1:


Hi Sunitha,
I recommend you to start from a low amount like 5K and trading need more knowledge so gain more knowledge before investing your 2L.

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Thank you for wishing me a Success

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Thank You.

I know trading is very risky. I spent good amount of time to study articles about trading.

I know most people fail in this career. As I am not dependable on this income my fear is less and I am trying to control my greed.

I prepared my strategy and I am trying to stick to it.

Thank you for wishing me the best.


Do trade everyday for very short time. enter and exit - profit or loss. (try limited trade just one or 2) continue till next year .

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No trade on 20 May because of family work.


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Till yesterday Account down by 3 % of capital.

From Peak down by 5.5 %.

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Acheived new high in account.

At 5 % Profit on my 2 L investment.

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Be alert & be strict with your trading rules to continue your success. You are riding the Beginner’s Luck for sure. Just like nobody can escape gravitational force on earth, nobody can escape from the force called max adversity in stock mkt. Sooner or later it will strike you. And it strikes hardest to ppl who starts their trading career with Beginner’s Luck. The only way to defy this force is acquiring sufficient knowledge & practical experience by trading for at least 2 to 3 yrs minimum. Lots of ppl know this phenomenon on this forum who are at least 1 yr of experience in trading.

Don’t take my comment in a negative way. I have no intention of discouraging you.
Wishing you lots of success.


Thanks for your warm good wishes for me.

I studied about beginners luck in trading. I am trying my best to follow my rules.

Mean while I am gaining knowledge about trading psychology by studying various articles in internet.

I am very thankful for your suggestion.


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