Mystries of BajajFinance

This is good results to me

Revenue (39%) 3936.45 Cr vs 2832.85 Cr YoY
PAT of (81.4%) 835.89 Cr vs 460.91 Cr YoY
EPS (in Rs.) 14.53 vs 8.42 YoY

Why did the stock tumble any idea? I expected it to shoot high

Watch this Video to understand , why this happens.

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@portfolioplus911 …cannot buy the idea that because of technicals the stock tumbled…

You forgot to watch that video.

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Newbie in the markets?

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He is lucky he didnt trade on Axis Bank Q4 results, that would have been his first and last day in markets LOL

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Well it rallied today

Exact same game like RELIANCE, on day of that Jio demo, it went down. When all retailers booked losses, then it zoomed from 970 to 1120 in one week

Yes.Will it shoot?- is easy to understand. When will it shoot?- is difficult to understand/predict

Will it shoot also not easy to understand

BAJFINANCE is different scenario, otherwise some stocks continue downtrend even after good results for days or weeks

BAJFINANCE is one of top 3 MOST OPERATED stocks in market, so this game is different

There’s any list of them? Or from where you found that?

Just my observation . . .

Yeah, there must be many like this

That share is very dirty, i have tried doing intraday in that and feel its worst to do intraday unless u have big stop loss capacity

Even on non-event days, it moves like an operated stock, its like operators are active on it every minute of every trading session throughout the year

These are just my opinions I may be wrong but I really feel its easily in top 3 operated stock

I would say its the TOP MOST but then HDFC Bank is used all time to manipulate Nifty and Bank Nifty so I settle with Top 3 for Bajfinance

Yeah many scrips are not just at sometimes but always manipulated,

Banks may be operated on Wednesday and Thursday due to Bank nifty expiry in certain cases only

but I believed fno doesn’t affects but is affected by and depends on equity. How can the reverse be true

Operators have set levels for Bank nifty expiry, so to attain that, they can move Banking stocks as they want

so it becomes a motive for manipulation

Two years back, I used to trade BajFin a lot. On all the occasions I made decent gains in BajFin. Thoda late jab akal aayi, tab pata chala BajFin is an investment stock. Just buy and keep adding declines and don’t trade.

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