Naked option buying (nifty)

Hi All,
I have recently started option buying i only do intraday in Nifty, I wanted to know if any strategies that you use to trade or if any tips you could provide to further enhance trading skills for the index.
If you have resources or links thay you could share would be great.

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In case you have missed this article, go through this.

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Start from here.

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@Siddy_B I have previously read through the article and it is quite good as well as a useful one.

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@Animiesh : Option Buying requires very high skills and understanding of the non linear nature of the instrument. It doesn’t work like any linear instrument like cash/future , do note that linear instruments are easier to comprehend as its only one dimension but option is multi dimension instrument hence not that easy to comprehend unless you understand the maths of its pricing. Hope before jumping on trading your theory is crystal clear.

Practical ideas/how to trade:

  1. Scalping the momentum : Option buying is highly lucrative when there is large momentum in small amount of time, but capturing the momentum is an art. There are ideas like inside candles,CPR,Pivots,Fibonacci levels,RSI ,patterns concepts which professionals trade on . Lot of ideas are available on youtube eg -Anish Singh Thakur Chanel has lot of strategies.
  2. Ladders and debit spreads : You can create debit Spreads and ladders which are just opposite of Option selling strategies without adjustments. Basically just take any option selling strategy and do the opposite with a strict target and SL(soft avoid hard). No need of any adjustments in ladder.
  3. Directional for limited time frame: Can Trade naked with SL(soft avoid hard) and limited time frame .

Nutshell: Options buying has limited strategies which you can built based upon your knowledge as there are no adjustments requires more or less is lucrative only in case you can predict the direction! You should only be in trade for small amount of time other wise Theata decay will be the killer.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation
I was not aware about the ladder,
Will research on the same,

Will reach out if i have doubts regarding the same

Thank you