National Stock Exchange (NSE) hopeful of going public in fiscal 2019

National Stock Exchange (NSE) in a press release today said its hopeful of listing in FY - 2018/19.

As stated earlier, the timeline for the IPO is dependent on the resolution of the regulatory matters with SEBI and we are hopeful we will be able to do the IPO in fiscal 2019.

The IPO was originally set to go ahead in 2017 was delayed over an investigation by SEBI over allegations that NSE provided unfair access to select brokers for algo trading at the exchange’s collocation.

NSE in the press release said that SEBI has returned the consent application filed by them proposing to settle the issue with the regulator since the investigation was ongoing.

NSE is in receipt of a letter from SEBI returning the consent application filed by NSE in the colocation matter, on account of ongoing investigations relating to the same matter. NSE can file the consent application after the completion of the investigations. NSE intends to do the same in due course.