NAV applicable on selling MF


What’s the NAV applicable on selling an equity/debt MF if sold before cutoff time? The order goes to the AMC on the same day but at what NAV would it be processed? NAV of T-1, T or T+1, T being the transaction day.


If the order has been placed before the cut off period i.e 1:30 PM, then the units will be allotted at that day’s NAV - the day which the order was placed and executed.

Please find more details here :

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That talks about allotment not selling, would the same rule be applicable?

Yes same rule applies…The cut off time now is 11.30 in zerodha coin …

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The cut-off time is 11:30 AM.

The same applies for selling, your Mutual Fund units will be redeemed at end of days NAV of you place request before 11:30 AM.


Thanks guys.