NAV bought price confusion

The order date of MF was 26-Sep-2017 at 1.29 PM and the NAV was 34.78 of 25-Sep. And todays NAV of 26-Sep is 34.04. However, when the MF were alloted to me, they were alloted at a rate of 34.98 as per below attached screen shot. I am not able to understand this glitch.

Hi Swapnil,

You have been allotted the units at the NAV of 26th that is 34.979 ( rounded off to 34.98 on COIN) which is correct. You can verify the same by checking the screenshot below taken from the AMC website.

However, the NAV that is reflecting on COIN is that of 25th September. The NAV of 26th September was not updated today on COIN because there was an issue from our data vendor. This shall be fixed tomorrow, sorry for the hassle that has been caused to you.

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