NAV date in Dashboard

Its better if you’ve NAV date column in coin so that it will reflect on what date NAV and value is calculated.


Click on the drop down arrow as shown in the screenshot below.

Then you can view the details of investment in the particular on different dates and other information.

Thanks Faisr but I was mentioning about the date for current NAV.

Even that is already shown :slight_smile:

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Yea ofcourse when I click fund and go in to details we can see them. I thought it will be better if its available in dashboard :slight_smile:

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@faisr , please consider implementing what @AVN has mentioned. Noticed 2 instances of NAV’s not being updated on Coin today. Leads to incorrect returns.

Having the “Date of NAV” field in the dashboard will make it clear that NAV’s are delayed.

Removed the screenshots, but the NAV’s for Edelweiss Arbitrage growth and HDFC Mid cap opportunity are out of date

@akash_mehrotra @AVN

This will be implemented by end of this week. We wont be adding a new column but will reflect under the current NAV in your portfolio. You can probably check on the weekend and let me know if its still not reflecting.

@akash_mehrotra @AVN

It has been added now in the portfolio under CURRENT NAV column


Thanks, I can see it now