I has 4000 NCD shares of Nippon India Credit Risk Fund Segregated Portfolio 1 , share named 06GPG , Face Value of ₹10. NCD matured on Jan 27 , 2022, Shares brought at ₹2.50 but now value decreased yo ₹0.50 showing in demat.How much will be the amount will I get on bank and when? Is there anything needed to get the maturity amount?

Too much confusion in your query. I don’t think what you are holding is a share or NCD.
What you own is a segregated part of debt Mutual fund.

Nippon India credit risk fund is original fund. It might have observed some default in its portfolio and hence created a segregated portfolio of that fund. This is basically bad debt. If somehow defaulted party pays up, you will get that portion back (whenever they pay up). Else that money is gone.

Nippon India AMC has segregated its holdings of NCDs of Vodafone Idea Ltd. after those were downgraded to below investment grade by rating agencies and units were allotted to you in this segregated portfolio in equal proportion to your holdings in the main portfolio of the Fund.

According to the notice sent by Nippon AMC to the unitholders, VIL has made payment for entire due amount for the issued NCDs and the same will be credited by 11th February 2022 to your primary bank account as per the valuation from the AMC. Also, all the units in the segregated portfolio will be redeemed.