NCDs - Debentures

Issuer - Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Security Name – Patanjali Ayruved Limited Tranche 1 NCD 2023

Coupon- 10.10%p.a payable Semi annually

IP Date –30-Sep-2020,31-Mar-2021

Tenor – 3 Years

Maturity – May 28,2023

Issue Size-250

Rating – BWR AA- (Stable)

Type/Structure – Rated, Secured, Redeemable, Listed Non-Convertible Debentures

Bidding Date – 28-May-2020 (BSE)10:00-12:00
Pay-in date – 29-May-2020
Closed Book Bidding
Uniform Allocation

Anyone investing?

Oops missed it… Seems they didn’t advertise it much :frowning:

yes… not even on exchange I saw…nor brokers took interest in reaching out to customers or even displaying on their respective portal.

Btw it subscribed in no time.

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Yes read this article… May be Institutional or HNI investors were already pre-informed…

Why they would? 250crores is nothing for institutional…Retailer would be keen to participate. hence, I refrain from doing, cz of BRW rating and not much of advt.

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why did not you offer this ?

what was the procedure to buy/subscribe this ?
how and from where did the people buy it ?

how ? if they could get the information ; why did not we get the information ?

Read my full msg again… Pls don’t look at just a part of the msg, read it in it’s entirety…

I wrote “May be…

yes . but what could be the source of such informations ; so that in future we don’t miss such chances/ opportunities ?

May be Google keyword Search Alerts… Experts might be able to suggest better…

@smakkar just want to know what is the way to buy debentures in general?

I’ve done it a few times online through ICICI Direct for primary issues… For Secondary Market it can be through your favorite broker :slight_smile:

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thanks :slight_smile: @smakkar

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would like to know are NCD taxable on Maturity like Bank FDs

All your income from Bonds is Taxable (other than Tax Free Bonds) as per the slabs and some of the exemptions provided…