Need a sorting software

Can we do following functionalities in Pi (Except push notification and SMS), If not then?
what are prerequisites to design a software to sort stocks/Indices on real-time data?
If a freelancer is hired what will be the expected price (No fancy frontend required) (Windows and Android app with notifications enabled)

  1. Indicators can be modified from front end e.g Hull, simple, exponential, weighted etc. (Just like kite)
  2. Can send messages via SMS (Optional).
  3. Includes charting facility as well
  4. Signalling based on multiple boolean logic (Multiple LOGICS)
    Can we do so with any other existing software, without SMS or Push notification to phone, but an alert in laptop (No monthly package, one-time fee only)

If you want to build your own custom trading application based on your requirement, you can subscribe to kite connect API and can achieve the above.
kindly note that programming should be taken care by yourself, and not sure above pricing of freelancers