Need a Strategy Coding

Hello Traders, 

I'm a trader its been 3 Years, and i'm profitable on US stocks trading.

As a strategy i trade Top Reversals and Bottom Bounces and i need help from you because i had never code a strategy. 

Here you will find my strategy criteria and my entry requirements : 

  • Stocks that price is above 10 $ ;
  • Stocks with a change from open more than 5% or less than -5% ;
  • Extended Stocks with a minimum of 3 consecutive candles to the downside or upside ;
  • Stocks with a high or low RSI 20% - 80 % ;
  • Candles touching the Bollinger bands with the last candle outside ;
  • Stocks experiencing a volume peak of the day when very extended ;
  • Stocks near the a daily support or resistance or a round number or half dollar price ;

Entry : 

  • Position size according the percentage of risk per trade ;
  • Entry on the next 5 minutes candle to make a new high or new low versus the trigger candle ;
  • Stop loss will be the high or low of the day ;

Exit : 

  • When the Stop gets touched. I'm immediately out of the trade.
  • When the a big support or resistance occurs on the level II.
  • When the Final target is reached or 5 minutes before the end of the session :
  • 1st Target : 9 EMA on the 5 min Chart
  • 2nd Target : 20 EMA on the 5 Min Chart
  • 3rd Target : The VWAP on the 5 Min Chart 

and thank you soo much 

NaMasTe TraDeR,

The strategy include too many conditions that are not supported on Tradescript language.

Defining exit condition based on entry price is not supported on Tradescript.