Need addtional feature in Kite desktop version

Hi Nithin,

In Kite mobile app for every stock price we get absolute price change along with percentage(%) change; but this absolute price change is not there in Kite desktop version.
Request you to add this absolute price change in Kite desktop version also. It will help understand in terms actual price changes alongwith percentage wise.


absolute price change and percentage change both available in kite desktop version

In the search box there is a refresh option (two arrows in a rectangular/circular shape. Click on that and you can change from percentage to absolute.

But it is better to give both together like mobile app. In trading hours it will be time consuming and few seconds delay cost u too much.
So please accommodate both absolute and percentage together.
Also please increase the number of scrips per page. Currently it is 20 per page I.e. max 100. I am doing future and cash together. So if u increase the number of scrips to 40 to 50 per page it will be really helpful in trading hours. We need not remove and add new one when required.