Need alert in Kite and Fibonacci projection in chart

Hi Zeroda,

Its very helpful if you can provider below features

  1. Fibonacci projections in chart : Without this very difficult to calculate the targets

  2. Alerts in Kite : As in offices we cant install Pi so dependent on Kite. Its very difficult to track each script and missing many good trades. As each user can have his own watch list, could you please add alert as a popup or some colouring or blink to the same watchlist?

Fibonacci Projections and Alerts are not available in KITE as of now,

you can write an email to [email protected] for any suggestions and feedback futher.

so reading the above. Are you saying support team is responsible for obtaining feature requests.

do you have any voting system for features as most of the companies have. I find it amazing that there is no structured channel to hear voice of customers and centralised visibility to clients.