Need Close price column. Now only Prev Close price is available


I am a newbie at Zerodha and recently started to use Nest platform. I was using Flip platform before and I found a difference that is very important (for me) that I couldn’t find Close price say for USDINR.

Prev close price column is available. Please help me how to have Close price column.

Edit-Why Spot price of USDINR always show 0.00?

Sir, on any given day, you can only check what the stock/contract’s previous closing was.

Eg: If you see the marketwatch today, the price under “pvs close” will be the stock/contract’s closing price yday. How can one see today’s close without the markets getting closed?

Where are you seeing 0? Are you seeing it at the right place? A screenshot will help.

Yes…Its clear now…I compared it with Flip platform in which Close price & previous close are there…Thank you for mentioning the difference.
Any update how to get Spot rate for USD/INR?

Please get in touch with your broker for that.