Need Code for Zerodha PI

Hi, Need pi ea coding for below strategy

Renko RSI Input for Strategy

  1. Renko with 1 min time frame without repainting (Traditional or ATR or % Basis)

  2. RSI with Default Parameter i.e. 14 period with separated by values of 55 and 45

  3. Buy Signal will be generated after closure of 2 Green Bricks above RSI of 55 and Sell Signal will be generated after closure of 2 Red Bricks below RSI of 45

  4. Default SL will be 2 red bricks closure below RSI of 45 for long and above 2 green Bricks above 55

  5. Book profits can be placed and 3 to 5 bricks or RSI of 75 to 80 or pecentage of movement or Intraday Sq off time

  6. For positional Futures the same can be executed as Stop and Reverse means we will exit current position and add reverse position (" It actually better with this kind)

  7. whipsaws will be traded with rules wihout any bias (can’t avoid)