Need Help Badly Guys, Please ready full Topic

Hello Guys …
I m From Gujarat… I need your help.
I made huge mistake in 28 years
I m lost almost 30 Lakhs Rs. In F&O, Intraday & Margin Trading in 2.5 years
I don’t know what to do how they Recover !!
Almost all money are Borrowed from Friend & Relatives. They don’t even know About My Loss
My Image is very very good in Friends and Relatives
I want to Pay All Money to them in any condition.
I don’t want to brake trust, Relationship & Friendship
But as you know the fact is 30 Lakhs is very huge amount, I don’t release even how can I lost such huge Amount in 2.5 years of period
Right Now I m too much depressed. I don’t know what can I do ? How I payback them all Money
I don’t care about my hard earned money loss but I only care about My friends & Family
Please guys help me in figure it out.
My life became just hell in this 2.5 years
If any one want to help me from any Amount, I am life long thankfull to Him/Her and I m also give your money back in 3-4 years time period
Please Help me by a Good Advice and if possible than also By Money

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there is a post regarding money management rules… read them carefully… all your problems will going to solve


It has happened to a lot of people, the very first thing to do is calm down. If this story is for real. Understand that this a thing that has happened not to you only, but many people face huge losses. Practice breathing exercise. Calm Down. Consolidate all your money in one single account. Try to reduce your expense to a minimum.

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Hello sir , thank u for reply
Yes this story is true it’s not exact 30 Lakh but around 33 Lakhs lost,
I can’t think any things,
I am finding someone who borrow me with out interest, if you are capable than please tell me
I’ll give back you in 3-4 years time frame
I have to pay all the friends & Relatives money in any condition
If possible please give ur contact details
R u from Sir ?

god … do you really expect some white angel will come to your rescue here ?
accept your mistake and tell them that you lost it … your freinds might take some haircut in thier debt as well


No I don’t really expect sir… I just share my words
And No never Haircut in their debit … It’s obvious their hard earned money… I pay back them full Amount but it takes some time period
Yes and I definitely accept my mistake that’s why I post here… But I have not that guts to tell them
So from now work hard, save money and payback to them

And the other main reason for posting here…
May be it’s helpful for others or may be other trade careful … Guys never borrow any kind of money from any one… The feelings of fear how to payback them is very wrost
And never trade with Margin Money
It wipe your entire Portfolio, Bank Account & Borrowed money if Borrowed
Keep Strict SL and Risk Reward Ratio…
Thank you guys for reading and please don’t mistake which I had Made … You just hate ur Golden Life

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Do whatever but don’t think of paying them by earning by trading in market.
Revenge trading will only put you in more deep shit

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No Sir
I stop Trading for Life time
Only Mutual Funds
I have Good Job but main problem is 33 Lakhs is very huge Amount
Only Revenge trading make me loss of 33 Lakhs otherwise It was only 5-6 Lakhs for Initially
I’ll share all details because it can be help for other people’s and they don’t made mistake same like me

Another mistake.
Why stop trading?
You can trade with 10k, per year basis.
Or you can trade with chart mantra for fun of it

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Thanks for sharing your info. We will careful while trading.

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Wow People are now slowly realizing about money management…

Big boys ( Market makers ) makes money consistently only Because they ask themselves before entering in trade


Most people ask themselves before entering


That’s core difference between them and others.


With risk management, you can trade more calmly…

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You can recover this loss.

First . STOP DAY TRADING or STOP trading at all.

Second, your friends and relatives should forget this money for now. They should have been made aware that there was risk in trading and they took that risk and lost the money.

I can understand they will be disappointed in you, but hey its not the end of life for them. They knew the risk when they gave you the money.

As for you. keep investing whatever you can and hopefully you can return their money in the future years on some percentage basis.

But i think you should make them clear of the losses and give them some confidence to return the money. Make a plan on how you will return the money over a period of time.

Hope lots of lessons are learned, just don’t learn them again.

and please stay away from people who tell you that you can recover money from intraday trading. you will only lose more money. Please don’t fall for that emotions and money management CRAP. you will lose even more money.

This is like Kingfisher airlines all over again…Come clean with your relatives.

All is not lost, you can still recover money by investing and give back the money in the future provided our economy does well in the coming years.


Probably the best solution, but “STOP TRADING” is not what many traders want to hear when looking for solution to recover their losses.

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if they don’t want to hear that , then they should be ready to lose whatever little is left of their innerwear.

They simply don’t have a professional approach to trading, so they should stay away from trading.


I am giving better solution to you . If you have rs 5 lakhs . Trade only rs 20000. In example you buying rs 300 if it’s goes up you will get profit.if it’s goes down you will loss money. If you lossing money means average the price with remaining amount.

First Learn than Earn…i have also commited the same mistake but i dont have that much riske appetite like u, so for now i am in learning phase…so first learn, do sm homework, be calm, do practice, be disciplined nd sooner or later u will get success…

see nobody is going to help with finances…How can you expect people can give money to an unknown person?What is the guarantee that you will pay them back?What is the guarantee that you are not going to gamble with the money?

Only advice we can give you is Learn trading and hit the market with full knowledge.

Dont gamble

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Best advice…stay away from market for few years…try to refund your friends and family from your salary…who know they rusted u… may be this their hard earned money…but u have to inform them u have lost money… and ask them few years to refund their money… tell the truth…