Need help for NRI investors

Hey guys!

I need some help/info here regarding going through the initial process to get into the trading world.

I have an axis bank NRE account & would like to signup with Zerodha but since I’m a NRI I don’t have an Indian contact number, how I’m I supposed register? Also I read about PIS, do I still need a Demat account or is PIS sufficient with NRE account to trade in equity? Sorry a bit confused here & trying to understand the steps to begin.

Any help will be appreciated.


  1. Currently, one needs to send to the Stockbroker a set of physical documents to register as an NRI. You can find the list in this article:

  2. A PIS account is for your the money leg of your trades. The securities are settled into/from your demat account. So, you’ll need a demat account.
    You can refer to the above article for details.

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