Need help in creating Streak Strategy

I want help to create some strategy on limit price. ( Buy or sell after certain price is crossed).
No indicators.
Can Streak Support team help in this regards?


@Streak Can you.

You can use At Price indicator for this.


How to add all Nifty 50 stocks at one go in Strategy? Currently i have to add them one by one.


Currently, you create strategy with upto 20 stocks(we are working on making it to 50, coming in very soon) at a time so you will need to create 3 baskets to accomodate 50 stocks, which you can just search and add.

Now a shortcut, to create baskets without having to manually type all 50 stocks would be, create a scanner which is try for all Nifty 50 stocks, eg: close higher than 0, then run scan, so it will show all 50 stocks, andthen just select 20 stocks and create one basket and soon. This way can also sort based on alphabetical order, price, etc.

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But I am not able to add more than one basket. When I try to do so, it says “You can only add up to 20 pairs.” See below pic.

Hi @sarang_palpattuwar,

Yes currently you can only backtest 20 scrips at a time, we are working on increasing this limit to 50, in the coming updates, so stay tuned.

Is there any way to place Profit Rupees value Target to all positions,
Like let’s assume I shorted both Banknifty’s call & put with 1-1 lot & I want to exit on overall 40 points decay so in short I want 1000 Rupees in total Position
So what I want is once in Positions page when it shows 1000 Rs Profit the all positions must square off automatically
Is there any way to do this…