Need Help in decoding this Kite Info Section!


I am confused regarding the info I am getting on my trades in the Positions tab on Kite while doing some BNF options trades. I have attached my order book as well as info that we get under options when we click on the three-dot icon next to our trade for 9 Jun 2021.

Premise :

  1. I bought BNF 10JUN 34500 PE - 1 lot on 8 Jun 2021 for Rs. 39.15
  2. I sold BNF 10JUN 25100 CE - 1 lot on 8 Jun 2021 for Rs. 251.1

Now going forward to today (9 Jun 2021):

  1. I squared off (sold) BNF 10JUN 34500 PE - 1 lot for Rs 32.5
  2. I squared off(bought) BNF 10JUN 25100 CE - 1 lot for Rs 299.8
  3. I bought BNF 10JUN 34500 PE - 1 lot for Rs 54.85
  4. I bought BNF 10JUN 35100 CE - 1 lot for Rs 74.75


  1. In the 35100 CE screenshot, the carry forward quantity is -25, rather I am going home with a 35100 CE buy position?
  2. Can not understand what is Day’s P&L in both the screenshots?
  3. Is there any way to track only the P&L of the current position rather than the cumulative of closed ones also?

Thanks. Any help is appreciated!

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 4.45.50 PM
Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 4.46.02 PM

@siva @Karthik @ShubhS9 If you can help please!

Carry forward means what you carried from yesterday, not what you will be carrying from today.

Day’s pnl is pnl from yesterday close to last traded price.

Only for today it will be cumulative, from next day it will be net quantity only.

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Thanks a lot !