Need help in Options

Today I purchased 1 lot EicherMot 2200 PE @7.20 and [email protected] which later went to 70. I also purchased 2 lots 2250PE @9.25 and [email protected] again which later went to 110.

So, what the amount I sold in 3 lots for 9700 later became 98000 in the day. It is not the first time it has happened. There are more than 10 instances where I book small profit and the contract value rises 10-15x in the same day.

Is there any experienced trader which can help me what to do. I mean how I can wait in options because when I see profits I book it. I am not asking for where to buy and sell but strategies as to how can I increase my profit or hedge position once I am in decent profit.

Literally no one knows till where a stock go perfectly.

No one can buy low and sell high.

If u really want to book good profits start following a trading style.

If u follow a trading style u may not get good profits in all trades but u may get best profit in one trade and avg profit in another trade.

Discipline matters in stock market .

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Work on developing a good strategy.

@Aditya_Gupta a practical thing which you can do is place a Trailing SL & move away from your screen. This way you will know your risk & if the trade goes in your favor, you ride with it till the market turns & takes out your Trailing SL.

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Before going further, If you are new, the best help I can offer is by telling you “please take lesser risk, and trade only on shares and not on derivatives”. The risk is huge in Derivatives. This will greatly reduce your PAIN.

There are many other ways you can be helped. Like the above replies state, go for strategies, tactics, your psychology and the list continues. The reality is that it is a mix of all the above along whole dose of DISCIPLINE.

Research about the business model you want to follow and the strategies that will suit you. Learn flawlessly executing the orders both winning and losing orders. Then be in the market and trust your system.

Happy Trading.

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Don’t look your P&L while trading… Executive your predetermined plan looking at charts…

We tend to happy looking at small profits and then fear kick in and booked our profit…

So you have to work on your psychological aspects of trading…


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