Need Help in superTrebd combo indicator


I want to work on some simple strategy


SuperTrend(7,3) < previous Close High


SuperTrend(10,3) < previous Close High


SuperTrend(10,2) < previous Close High


SuperTrend(7,3) > previous Close Low


SuperTrend(10,3) > previous Close Low


SuperTrend(10,2) > previous Close Low


Seems superTrend is working for any of one indicator but when when i am trying to use all 3 its missing most of the signal and giving few for Entry and same for Exit as well.

Can some one help me in same.

My queries as
BUY 100 shares when supertrend(7,3) lower than Previous High and Supertrend(10,3,0) lower than Previous High and Supertrend(10,2,0) lower than Previous High. Enter trade between 09:00 to 23:59Read less

SELL 100 shares when supertrend(7,3) higher than Previous Low or Supertrend(10,2,0) higher than Previous Low or Supertrend(10,3,0) higher than Previous Low or at stop loss of 3% or target profit of 20% .R

Need urgent help.

you haven’t mentioned on which platform you are trying to build above entry and exit conditions, if you are trying on amibroker then you can refer below given link

If you are looking on Pi, super trend function is not defined and its not possible

you can implement this condition without coding effort in streak, you can try once

You need to add offset to Supertrend. Please use the following condition

supertrend(7,3,-1) lower than Previous High and Supertrend(10,3,-1) lower than Previous High and Supertrend(10,2,-1) lower than Previous High.

You can read more about offset here

Thanks Krishnendu

Same we need to do for Exit case also?

SuperTrend(7,3,-1) > previous Close Low


SuperTrend(10,3,-1) > previous Close Low


SuperTrend(10,2,-1) > previous Close Low

I will run this backtest and update
But can we run same for 2 Hours ?

I will share backtest report as well for any doubt

Yes, you have to do the same for exit conditions as well.

Could not understand this

Please write to [email protected] for any further doubts.