Need help on formulating an afl

@AlgoGeek @nithin Hello team I have been writing this post quite some time now. I need a help on formulating an afl to find stocks that meet my criteria. Conditions are

  1. stocks are in a downtrend
  2. near its support (patterns like double bottom, tripple bottom etc)
  3. number of days to consider is more than 100.
    Im a breakout player so I need to evaluate myself and play safe. I’m search of this afl for a long time now… Hope I would get a reply back.

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Chart pattern scan and display is not available in amibroker by default,
i found Double Top and Bottom Detection for Amibroker (AFL) from this Link

If you are using pi you can check pattern recognition feature available in pi as it scan the patterns and display on historical data. open the chart, go to artificial intelligence → pattern recognition,
you can find below given screenshots of pattern recognition on pi .

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Here is the link of a scanner for scanning tripple bottom pattern.